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Rebiya Kadeer: EU Parlament has made an initial step to help Uighur people

Mon, 10/28/2019 - 13:44 -- Kanat

Mr.Ilham Tohti knew well what he would face for his speaking of the truth. because he was an academic who had been able to see the direction of Chinese policies against Uighurs even the current trends of the situation.he was one of the few heroes in the history who he had prepared his testament will and continued his activities.he had clearly realized that Chinese authorities would not accept his suggestions and critiques. He knew that, Instead of changing their policies, they would punish him for his criticism.
Although as was the case, he did not abandon his efforts to call on the Chinese government to rule the state based on law and bring about the constitutional rights of Uighur people. So he did not stop speaking out the truth to western media even he was facing death threats by the Chinese government and plain clothing agents.
Because he belied that his efforts would be heard by European Union one day and the international community would be moved by his relentless efforts and lend a hand into the plight of Uighur people.
Therefore, before he was arrested, he continued to organize or take part in events to introduce and discuss Uighur people in western embassies.
Today, European Union EU Parlament has realized some expectations of Ilham tohti and Uighur people by awarding Ilham Tohti with Saharov prize. I congratulate Ilham tohti and my people for this great chance. What Ilham Tohti had expected from the world was not only exposure and attention for the crisis but taking actions.
Ilham Tohti is a Uighur academic who foreseen the ongoing genocide and tried his best to prevent in the expense of his freedom.
Therefore I call on the European Union to take real actions to close the concentration camps in East Turkistan.
Rebiya Kadeer
The leader of the Uighur National Movement
The president of Indo-pacific Freedom Alliance