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Rabiya Kadeer: soccor star Mesut Özil did best he could as an outstanding star

Wed, 12/18/2019 - 09:24 -- Kanat

Mesut Özil spoke out about Uyghur tragedy on a day - Friday - considered very important in Islam was an extraordinary gift for Uyghur people who is suffering in Chinese concentration camps.
This is an un-ordinary gift for people who's facing unprecedented acrocities yet didn't get enough attention around the world.
like Mesut Özil indicated, Muslim countries not only didn't stop China from killing Uyghurs, they even supported China for their own benefit. Tried to help China cover up the Uyghur genocide.

in a situation where Uyghurs left alone to fight againist genocide, what still keep them fighting for freedom is; having faith in God's might that, eveil will never overcome the good; another one is having faith in people like Mesut Özil, there are people who stands up for justice.
Mesut Özil didn't let his  more than 3 million fellow brothers and sisters down, didn't let another more than 10 million Turkic Muslim brothers and sisters down.

based on my life experience; becoming renown is difficult; after bacame famoud, taking that responsibility is even harder. For his brave deed, he may face a lot of harrassments, and troubles from different groups and organizations; but he knowingly stood up to what is right.
Mesut Özil through his brave deed signaled Islam-Turkin elites and leaders not to keep silence, not to stand with tyrant; whether those islamic - Turkic elites respons to these is another issue; however, Mesut Özil did what he has to do as famous person.

As a voice of the voiceless Uyghurs back in East Turkistan, I thank his country, his parents who taught him how to be a decent person, thank his trainers & all of his teammates, and friends.
Rabiya Kadeer
Leader of Uyghur human Rights Movement