Remarks by Ms.Rabiye On Japanese Conservative Political Action Conference

Ct, 09/07/2019 - 12:09 -- Kanat
(Read by Ms. Kadeer's representative in the conference room on August 31)
Today China detained more than 3 million people in its vast number of concentration camps in occupied East Turkistan. Also, about one million people to be imprisoned and forcefully moved to other parts of China. I believe this is not only a sign of China’s ethnic genocide towards Uyghurs but also the first step of its plan to be the hegemony of the world in 2050 that declared on 19th National People’s Congress.
Chen Quanguo, General Secretary of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region said that Now China successfully showed this prison-like secret camps as an infrastructure of a counter-terrorism campaign to some of the members of the United Nation. China did this not with the power of Media but with its economic and military power. One clear example of this is that 22 western democratic developed countries signing a joint condemnation of Chinas camp system and other 50 developing Asian and African countries support it on the United Nations Human Rights Council on July this year.
China is closing about 3 million innocents Uyghur people to their concentration camps without hesitation just because the world did not criticize and punish CCP when they massacred their off-spring in Tiananmen Square in 1989. According to Gene Bunin, Russian American independent researcher, until now, more than 30 thousand people died in China’s concentration camps, which the number 100 times or more higher than Tian an men Massacre.
China could do this assassination without shooting without bombing but in the very secret and cunning way and could successfully hiding it from the outer world just because of its economic, military and technological power as I mentioned above.
We Uyghur people have known the threat of “powerful” China since the Chinese occupation of our land in 1949 and thus we keep fighting for our right of humanity and independence constantly.
China wants to wipe out Uyghurs from our home and turn East Turkistan into its land because this could open the road more widely to its plan to be a world hegemony.
Today I call the world to get lessons from our situation. It does not necessary to visit or investigate our homeland to know our situation. It would be enough to logically analyze the information from the Chinese side about the camps, reading the Chinese Communist Party’s “White Papers “ about Uyghurs and listening neutral journalists like Albanian journalist Osli Jazexhi.
I am so sorry to say this word but I need to say; Today CCP is killing us and tomorrow they will kill you too. They are killing us by blocking in concentration camps and will kill you with its advanced monitoring technologies, dictatorial system, and weapons. China Dose does not want to see the existence of countries like USA and Japan who are avant-gardes of the justice, technology, and economy just like  they dose not want to see the existence of Uyghurs in our land.