Rabia Qadeer: If you really are the leader of the oppressed people, do not lean on the oppressor!

Sa, 07/28/2020 - 13:41 -- Kanat

An open letter to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas
Dear Mr. Mahmoud Abbas,
In these days when our people are facing genocide, even if the facts are piled up like a mountain, I expected that there will still be injustices and human rights abuses on the international political scene and many leaders of countries and organizations would support China to emerge. But I did not anticipate the presence of a Palestinian president among these leaders. So for this reason I am ashamed when I hear you make a statement in support of China on the Uyghur issue. It is not a match for the leader of the Palestinian people who have been claiming oppression for many decades! This is a big scandal!
All of world’s mainstream media reported Satellite images of more than 1,200 camps where more than three million Uighurs, Kazakhs and other Muslims have been abducted. UN experts openly reported that between 2-3 million Uighurs are in camps and prisons; More than 10,000 Uighurs in more than 50 countries around the world have testified that they are unable to meet with their families: China's secret documents that identify Islam as a virus and put Uighurs in camps have been leaked to the world by the intelligence community. A report last month revealed that the Uyghur population has declined sharply in the last three years, according to China's own documents ... It is unlikely that you will be unaware of these facts. We know that Chinese money is sweet for you, but don't forget that money soaked in the blood of the oppressed will one day stick to your gel. We know that the Palestinian people need the economy and the political support of the states, but the patronage of a country that is committing genocide does not give power to the Palestinian cause, but instead devalues ​​it.
As a member and representative of an oppressed nation that has been praying for the Palestinian people for years, I remind you that to be among the countries that support China in the Uyghur issue, such as Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela does not have a huge negative impact on Pakistan, Iran, and Egypt ; But it is not good for the leader of the Palestinian people. Supporting China’s genocide against Uyghurs in the eyes of the people in the universe will, more than us, destroy the Palestinian cause. The Palestinian cause will never move forward with its leaders who fear the oppressor, flatter the killer, and sell their brothers for money!

Rabia Qadeer, leader of the Uyghur National Movement