Rabia Qadeer: “In My Eyes, French Football Star Antoine Griezmann is a Justice Ambassador”

Sa, 12/15/2020 - 15:53 -- Kanat

China’s policy of continuing to hold more than three million Uyghurs in concentration camps is not only an atrocity by the Chinese government, it is also an atrocity being committed by those inside and outside China who are turning a blind eye to it and even collaborating with the Chinese government in the matter. French football star Antoine Griezmann is one of the few celebrities who has not defiled his conscience in the face of interests and has fulfilled his humanitarian responsibilities. By giving up a sponsorship deal with China’s Huawei, Griezmann sent a clear signal to the world of stars: money can’t buy one’s conscience.
Huawei has denied the allegations that the company is making it easier for Chinese authorities to abduct Uyghurs at will by using its face recognition system. Huawei is one of the groups directly involved in the Uyghur genocide; not only because of its face recognition system, but also because it ignores the ongoing genocide in the region. For this, the company should be punished or, at the very least, boycotted. Antoine Griezmann was wise to renounce Huawei’s ambassadorship, and by doing so, has naturally become an ambassador of justice in the eyes of those watching the Uyghur genocide around the world. I congratulate him on this vigilant and righteous step. On behalf of the people of the oppressed East Turkestan, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to him.

Rabia Qadeer
Leader of the Uyghur National Movement
December 13th, Washington DC