New Method of Repression in Xinjiang? Shoot first. "Anti-Terrorism" Second

Sa, 01/28/2014 - 12:22 -- Anonymous (doğrulanmamış)
Photo: NTD Television
Chinese authorities defined multiple explosions on Friday in Xinjiang Aksu as a so-called "violence and horror" case. Six people were shot and five people arrested including two ladies; another six people died in the explosion. Commentators said the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has a new method to suppress the rebels. They shoot Uyghurs continuously and frame them as terrorists.
On January 27, CCP official media announced Aksu Xinhe county "1•24" explosion was solved on January 26.
The CCP defined the case as an organized premeditated "violent terrorist attack". The CCP claimed that since last May, Ibrahim Qahar got some people to engage several times in illegal religious activities and formed a so-called "violent terrorist" group of 17 people to conduct activity in a rental room.
Official media announced that on January 24, they carried a detonation device to implement the so-called "violent terror" by three motor tricycles. Xinhe county police attacked on-site and killed six people, detaining five people. There were another six people who died in the explosion.
The witness Mr. Wang said: "The attackers' were surround by police cars when they attempted to enter the farmers market in the pedestrian street.
Mr.Wang also said: "It seems the homemade explosive was uncovered by the police. When the police chased them, they had no place to hide and detonated the bomb to kill themselves."
Xinjiang bombing local store clerk: "I closed the door when I heard the explosion. Then I asked my friend who was a witness to the bombing. He said the police shooting didn’t scare them; they detonated the bomb because they had no place to hide."
CCP newspaper "Global Times" quoted an unnamed official of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region saying the backbone of the so-called "violent terrorist" group were arrested, including two ladies.
The official also said that the people in the attack are the same as the participants who were repeatedly involved in Xinjiang attacks this year. They were brainwashed by violent videos and terrorist ideology, then gathered together to commit the crime.
A spokesman of the "World Uyghur Congress" Dilshat Reshit pointed out that a new method for the CCP to suppress the rebels is to continuously kill Uyghurs framing them as terrorists. 
Dilshat said: "It’s not occasion for the series of recent violent conflicts. The continuous conflicts are related to the local policy from the CCP. Uyghurs have reached the limit of crisis tolerance for provocation, insults and discrimination from the officials."
Since 2013, there were several clashes between police and people in South Xinjiang region, especially Kashgar Hetian Prefecture; more than 10 Uyghurs were shot and killed by the police each time. The CCP's mouthpiece media consistently claimed they are so-called thugs armed with machetes and other weapons.
Dilshat said the CCP always accused Uyghurs of terrorist attacks without facing their high-handed policy in Xinjiang.
Dilshat: "Especially in recent years, the CCP implemented tangible and intangible discrimination policies by arbitrary detaining and breaking into the Uyghur families in the name of so-called safeguarding. The provocation to the Uyghur traditional life and beliefs has triggered a series of violent conflicts."
Dilshat criticized how the CCP takes military repression locally for all conflicts claiming they are hitting terrorist groups or terrorist organizations
It is said the CCP’s increasingly high-handed policy led to frequent violent conflicts in Xinjiang. Last October, the CCP also claimed the Beijing Tiananmen crash incident as "a rigorous planed, organized, premeditated terrorist violence case."
The other day, the CCP took away Uyghur scholar Ilham Tohti and many Uyghur students, claiming he incited against the state. The same day, the police shot and killed three Uyghurs in Xinjiang Awati county. - See more at: