Why didn't Shohrat Zakir mention the numbers of Uighurs are being held in the “large internment camp” in East Turkistan?

Sa, 01/08/2019 - 12:54 -- Kanat
Mrs. Rabiye Kader:
Why didn't Shohrat Zakir mention the numbers of  Uighurs are being held in the “large internment camp” in East Turkistan?
The Chinese government is trying to cover their humanitarian crime again,  only bring up the three large internment camps to a small group of overseas reporters and governments. The world already knew that in East Turkistan, there are more than 1200 internment camps, why they only said three? Why didn’t they allow the activists,  students, and overseas reporters to visit these camps? Why didn’t they let the activists,  students, and foreign reporters ask questions from their security members and cadres? Because these are not vocational schools unfortunately but internment camps; they are not training anything but attempting to destroy Uighur identification. The situation within these internment camps, not “schools” are poor living conditions; their so-called coaching methods are different kinds of tortures, threats. Where they are using the handcuffs, electric sticks bought for these internment camps?  The Uighur children, women and the aged are well-being? Are the be able to receive treatments when they are sick? Where is the body of the Uighurs who passed away in these camps? Did the Chinese authorities return their body after they die, or allow their family to bury them traditionally? These are the point of the international concern, but we saw nothing about these concerns because when they went to visit, the Chinese authorities arranged everything very well, even they can feel some of the Uighur residences in these so-called "schools" smiled awkwardly. 
Shohrat Zakir couldn’t be able to tell how many individuals had been within the services because he is a leader only on the paper and he was forced by Chinese authorities to do so, and he doesn’t even have right to do anything against the Chinese authorities will. 
One thing is obvious in here; the streets are empty, Uighur’s homes are locked, business is shutting down, Mosques destroyed, we can tell the number of the Uyghurs in these camps more than 3 million. 
Authorities officers have mentioned that in the vocational coaching center, Uighurs are learning Mandarin, Chinese rules, technics and they eliminate their “extremist thought successfully.” But what is the link between speaking  Mandarin and terrorism, learning technics and “extremist thought”?  If so, why they choose to round them up and separated from their families and kids? Why Chinese government teaches them to learn Mandarin or technics in the areas surrounded by high walls and barbed wires? Why their children sent to the Chinese orphanages, and cut them off from learning their national language and culture? 
Why the Chinese government brought up the 2014-2015  incidents which intentionally planned by the Chinese government at that time, they killed,  punished and sentenced many Uighurs, as proof of unsafety state and connected with the internment camps right now? The Uighurs in these internment camps do not have any crime except they were born as an Uyghur. So we can easily understand that these internment camps executed by the Chinese government are nothing else then ethnic cleansing, humanitarian crime.  
The Chinese government is saying they are going to release these Uyghurs gradually and shut down these camps, but they are trying to let the world get used to their persecution on Uyghurs, make the crime legally, and cleaning up the Uyghurs in East Turkistan.  I hope the word doesn’t trust the Chinese government’s strategic games for eliminating Uyghurs, take action and punish the Chinese government for what they did to Uyghur nation in East Turkistan.
From Uyghur Freedom Movement leader Rabia Kadir