The Uighur community denounces hatred, calls for solidarity at a vigil for Pittsburgh synagogue shooting victims

Çar, 10/31/2018 - 13:41 -- mhrbanynus
October 30, 2018
Dear Mr. Rabbi Hazzan Jeffrey Myers,
My name is Rabiye Kadeer( I am a leader of the Uighur Muslim community of around five thousand people live in the United States of America. ( We are deeply saddened by the tragic news from Pittsburgh. The Uighur community feels closely connected to the families and community who are so devastated by this loss of innocent lives.
The Uighur Muslims in our motherland, East Turkistan, always felt connected to Jewish people.  We have a similar faith, even though we are living in two different continents. The Uighur Muslims love trading and creating handicrafts. They value Jewish culture and hard work. They have translated books about “Jewish trading tactics” into the Uighur language for the use of their business and education. 
In the past two days, the Uighur community has been saddened about the attack on the Jewish community. We are so impressed by all the American people who come together in expressing their deepest condolences regarding this tragedy, regardless of race and faith. 
We must unite against hatred and evil. I am really sorry for hear about this tragedy 
Rabiye Kadeer
East Turkistan National Movement