Rebiya kadere:I thank the Representatives Council of Bahrain for standing with Uighurs

Per, 01/09/2020 - 15:53 -- Kanat

The statement of Representative council of Bahrain on supporting the human rights of Uighur people is significantly important for Uighurs around the world.
Because it represents the voice of people of Bahrain rather than political or interest groups.
Every time we see Muslims governments standing with China against us on international stages, we have been telling that these governments don’t represent their people but some interest groups.
Qatar’s withdrawal its support China on United Nations and statements from of Kuwait and Bahrain lawmakers about standing with human rights of Uighur people proved that we were right  and encouraged us a lot.
I believe and hope that the voice of Bahrain’s representatives would reach out to more than 3 million Uighur muslims who are being detained and tortured just because of their faith in Allah. It will give them hope and strength to stay strong in their belief in Allah.
Standing against oppression and support justice would send a strong signal to China to stop their false propaganda and shut down the camps as soon as possible.
As a human rights activist of voiceless Uighur people in Diaspora, I express my gratitude and respect to all member of Representatives Council of Bahrain.

Rebiya Kadeer
The leader of Uighur National Movement