Rebiya Kadeer: President Joe Biden's victory will be a victory for the oppressed people under Chinese rule!

Per, 01/07/2021 - 11:44 -- Kanat

Joe Biden’s election to the presidency means taking advantage of 47 years of experience; it means not repeating past mistakes.

Joe Biden was one of the first politicians to call China's executions of Uyghurs “genocide”.
The very name itself is an indication that Joe Biden has recognized China’s connection to human rights and particularly their treatment towards the Uyghur people; a sign that the United States has acknowledged the failure of Chinese policy over the past 50 years.
America and Western countries have been trying to work with China and steer the country towards a more cultural and enlightened economy by financially supporting and encouraging its modernization and growth, but China has used that to become more dictatorial as its economy grows.
Under the guise of friendship and alliance, China has used this time to become a more powerful presence in the world during its economic boom, using extortion, fear and exporting corruption to neighboring countries, among other things.
By squeezing the United States and its allies from key international institutions, it has revealed its intention to turn the world into a big Chinese state. The international community, especially the United States, are now under a great threat from the Chinese government. With more than a million people that have now died from the Chinese virus, the world is more vulnerable the ever.
I believe if the United States means to have a profitable and strong future, this Chinese threat needs to be dealt with decisively and swiftly for the peace of the world.
Doing so is possible with practical action, not with rhetoric and oratory hyperbole. Precision through experience is what’s needed in this situation.
The American people have taken a healthy step in eliminating the Chinese threat by electing Joe Biden.
With the election of Joe Biden comes a definitive time, not just for the American people, but also the oppressed peoples who are being persecuted under Chinese rule.
Now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity to escape Chinese persecution and stop the current genocide of the Uyghur people.

So I congratulate Joe Biden on his election result and hope that this will prove to be the victory needed for the oppressed Uyghur people and other ethnic minorities of China now and for the immediate future.

Rebiya Kadeer
the leader of the Uyghur National Movement