Rebiya Kadeer : My Granddaughter’s Statement Against Pompeo - Evidence of China's Despair

Cu, 01/29/2021 - 11:52 -- Kanat


Chinese media today published a statement by my granddaughter, Aididar Qahar, against former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s definition of the Uyghur Genocide. This does not surprise me, considering that the Chinese authorities also issued a statement against me through my  son  Alim Abdurehim, ten years ago.

The statement purportedly written by my granddaughter is a clear indication not only of how serious the threat facing her is, but also of the Chinese authorities’ weak attempts to hide the Uyghur Genocide from the world. 

Has a Chinese citizen in the last 30 years even commented on a village chief, let alone condemned a foreign minister? If so, what happened to them? Where did the courage come from for my granddaughter, who doesn’t dare answer my phone calls for fear of questions about her own family situation, to issue such a bold statement? Who gave her such freedom to express her views in the Chinese mainstream media, when 38 of her relatives are being held in prisons and camps and do not have even the right to inquire about their status?

We can ask hundreds of questions in this regard about the veracity of the statement. But is it necessary? I don't think so. When a ruling party is questioned about the crimes against humanity it is committing, it falls into mental imbalance due to the guilt in its heart, and miscalculates the intellectual capacity of the other party. As a result, it tries to justify its crimes by fabricating facts that violate the laws of nature and society. This is the reality of the matter in the news.

I would never be surprised if China stopped to such a low level of propaganda. However, I am amazed that there remains certain countries, organizations and people who beat the drum and continue to parrot China’s statements on the Uyghur issue in the wake of such false propaganda. I have nothing more to say to the Chinese government about this news; I only urge the international community to look at such reports of China, as it attempts to hide the Uyghur genocide, with humanitarian pride and historical responsibility, and to choose the right side on the matter of the Uyghur Genocide.


Rebiya Kadeer, Leader of Uyghur National Movement

International Uyghur Human Rights and Democracy Foundation
January 28,2021