Rebiya Kadeer: It’s a sad day for Uyghur Americans,we lost public leader Adhamjan.

Ct, 01/25/2020 - 20:30 -- Kanat

Today we have los Adhamjan,94, A great solder during the East Turkistan National Revolution.
He has an honorable life experience as he fought against Chinese forces in Harambagh battle in which our soldiers have defeated Chinese forces.
During his time in U.S , he had played important role in almost every major activity of our organizations until his last day.

He has never dropped the flag of our nation.we have witnessed that he had helped many people in diaspora .
He had not involved in any internal disputes among the groups.He had became a great role model in unity and love towards each other of the community members.His pass is a great loss to everyone of us.
Today is a sad day for all Uyghur Americans.
I have met with him first in my first U.S trip in 1995.
We had became comrades and friends since then.
After I moved to U.S, we continued to be family friends.
Today I lost one of my best friends and comrade and freedom fighter.
I extend my deep condolences to his life companion Toram Pasha, his children and relatives.

Rebiya Kadeer
The leader of Uyghur National Movement.