Rebiya Kadeer: allowing China to host Olympics is being complicit in genocide against Uighurs.

Pa, 12/29/2019 - 15:29 -- Kanat

The free world condemned China’s inhumane policies against Uighurs as cultural genocide.The silence of Olympic Committee isn’t apolitical,but it’s open support human rights abuses by China. Because it plays major role in diverting the attention of the world from mass abuses of human rights committed by the Host and advocates for human rights abuses and appease the voice of the people under oppression in that  country.

Chinese government has detained more than 3 million Uighur, kazak and other ethnic Muslims in concentration camps under the name of vocational training.
Chinese authorities are forcing the detainees to denounce their identity in the name of de-radicalizing campaign.But according to testimonies of survivors and leaked documents by New York Times and ICIJ,this  campaign is not only about de-radicalization.People are being arbitrarily detained and large numbers of people crammed in to small and narrow cells.people are not allowed to move freely inside of the cells.Those people are being forced to abandon their culture,language and ethnic identity and accept Communism as their only religion and Chinese culture and identity as the unique identity.people are deprived of sleep and medicine during the detention.As a result, media has been reporting the many cases fo deaths of the people detained in those camps.
International media has been widely reporting on the issue for the last three years. UN has also concluded that China has detained at least one million Uighurs without any legal trail in these dark and horrific the camp. U.S House of Representatives has passed a bill called “Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act 2019 “.Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and numerous other human rights groups has published several reports and called on international community to take urgent actions.
The silence of Olympic Committee isn’t apolitical,but it’s  standing with dictator regimes like Cuba, North Korea & China against Western countries.
China has lost credibility about its human rights record.Initially, Chinese government has denied the existence of the camps.After mounting evidence and testimonies came out, it had admitted that these camps for vocational training centers and de-radicalization schools.
Now it claims that the inmastes and detainees has graduated from the camps.In fact, those inmates are being transferred to prisons and camps are transformed to factories guarded by military that forces inmates work without any freedom.
The mission of Olympic Spirit is "to build a peaceful and better world in the Olympic Spirit which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.
But concentration camps in China  abusing the very fundamental rights of more than 3 million Uighurs and damaging their physical,spiritual and religious well-being.Olympic is for improving human dignity and well-belong of all.but Chinese government is implementing all kinds of secret and open measures to assimilate Uighurs in to Han Chinese and wipe out their ethnic identity.
As a member of Uighur community in diaspora and human rights activist, I want to say that I,along with many other activists around the world, consider giving the rights of hosting Olympics to China is being complicit in genocide against helpless Uighur people.
I also ask the committee to follow the rules of Olympics and cancel the Chinese host of 2022 Olympics.
Rebiya Kadeer
The leader of Uighur National Movement