A fake joint letter under the name of Uighur scholars is a mirror to Uighur situation

Cu, 07/26/2019 - 18:30 -- Kanat


Honorable Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, I am deeply impressed by the impact that your statement on Uighur crisis made to China after reading the joint letter in the name of Uighur scholars. I am also greatly disturbed by relentless efforts by China’s regime to play the games in the international stage. The joint letter was another show by the CCP propaganda. I know this very well because the regime forced my son Abdurehim to speak against me on a TV show in 2010.

The CCP’ orchestrated propaganda against the Secretary should be penetrated by the observers that Uighur intellectuals had never a chance to express their opinion on any domestic or international issues like Shaoguan Incident in 26th June, 5th July Urumqi massacre (2009), July 28 Yarkan massacre. No one can speak or express their personal opinion even after more than 3 million of their people imprisoned and tortured in the re-education camps. The entire scholars became able to write a response to U.S official’s remarks overnight.

It's clear that your reasonable and truthful criticism of china’s genocidal policies against Uighur as “Stain of the century” forced China to show this round of China’s propaganda game.

The content of the letter does not worth to be discussed since it was another copy of the same old saying by Chinese authorities. But there is one point deserves mention that only two people, Ghayrat Asim and Gulnar Obul among the singers are well-known to Uighur society. So we have to ask where are other well-known intellectuals such as writer Memtimin Hoshur, Halida Israel and Qurban Mamut, Abduqadir jalalidin and Yalgun Rozi?

The authority has been using those intellectuals when it needs a new social or political campaign. But we did not see their names on the list. That is because, as independent media outlets reported, China detained almost of all prestigious Uighur scholar in prisons and camps.

Two years ago, the regime coerced notable and popular Uighur

academics and public figures to make announcements against “three evil forces”.Many among them such as Abduraxman Ebey the former Chairman of Xinjiang people’s publishing house, Ilham Weli,the vice-chairman of  Xinjiang Daily newspaper, Azat Sultan, the former president of Xinjiang Normal University, were detained in those camps and many disappeared.

The lives of all other  Uighur intellectuals are in danger.

The joint letter is another mirror to Uighur situation today. I hope you continue your efforts to raise the issue and take note of the danger our intellectuals face under a brutal regime.

I thank you for your enduring service for United states and your profound efforts to help and save Uighur people.

I thank The president Trump for his receiving the daughter of brave son of Uighur people Ilham Tohti.


Rebiya Kadeer,

The leader of the Uighur National Movement

The president of Indo-pacific Freedom Alliance