Appreciate Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for the Historically Important Order

Pt, 12/28/2020 - 17:00 -- Kanat

On December 23, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo instructed the U.S. ambassador-at-large for the Office of Global Criminal Justice, to oversee the internal review to determine weather China has committed Genocide crime against Uighur in our country. This can be considered as a historical act by current administration under the leadership of President Donald Trump. Despite his extremely busy schedule, President Trump has put great effort in saving Uighurs from the atrocity of the Chinese regime. No matter what conclusion Mr. Morse Tan and Mr. Marik String might come up after the review, Secretary Pompeo’s order alone demonstrates current administration’s great strategy on international stage, and determination to stand up on the truth and protect the justice. I strongly believe US government will make vise and correct decision same to the action taken against Darfur Genocide, Sudan Genocide and Rwandan Genocide based on mounting evidence provided by Uighur exiled community against the genocide crime committed by Chinese government.
By issuing this order, Secretary Mike Pompeo fulfilled his governmental and humanitarian responsibility as the US Secretary of State. On behalf of all members of exiled Uighur community, I wholeheartedly appreciate Mr. Pompeo and especially hopeful that officials received the order will perform super job and will prevail in their effort to punishing Chinese government for committing Genocide crime against humanity.

The leader of the Uyghur National Movement
Rebiya Kadeer