Appointing Elnigar as an important member of the Trump administration is a wise decision

Sa, 08/20/2019 - 10:13 -- Kanat
(I deeply appreciate Trump admirations’ decision to appoint Elnigar Iltebir as a director for China at the National Security Council)
In my opinion, America was wrong in her foreign relation with China in the past half-century that America handed her the power of hegemony to China with her hand. American is the only leading power that can protect global justice and peace in terms of her universal power and general value.
China’s replacement of America in the global stage would not only harmful to American interest but also a great threat to world security. Prisoning more than 3 million Uyghurs in concentration camps in East Turkistan ( Xinjiang) , oppressing Hong Kong protesters for their legal gathering and demanding for freedom of speech, constructing illegal artificial island in disputing South China Sea and bullying the countries around it and standing behind dictatorship regimes like Syria, Burma and Iran can be salient , first step symbols of this discourse.
China launched its One Belt and One Road project with the money earned from the illegal and unfair competition on the global market and illegal domestic economic bullying politics. It seems that China extended its sphere of influence from Central Asian and Middle Eastern countries to Eastern European and even to the Baltic Sea through this project.
50 countries’ sign for supporting China’s so-called re-education camps let 22 countries - those criticize China on the same issue - minority position in UN HRC and this evidence tells us China would do more violations if there is no power to constrain it.
Trump administration call China on fair competition on the global market through series tariffs. Even though this is not a vital strike to China, it can be a good lesson and this is the accurate trend of American foreign strategy toward China. It is also quite vice decision and good signal in US-China policy that Trump administration appointed Uyghur-American woman Elnigar as a director for China at the National Security Council. She is one who expert in this field with her deep research on Chinese issues. She is not only a daughter of an experienced political activist who has 50 years of experience, more importantly, she is a member of the oppressed nation under the rule of CCP and thus she has experienced knowledge about Chinese political method and ideology.
Being one who has 50 years of long and loyal relationships with her father, I witnessed her well-rounded knowledge, deterministic characteristics. Thus I believe that, for the basic interest of the USA and other oppressed nations and peace of the world, she can put her effort into her work to constrain China’s aggregation, bullying policies, its’ cheats. For this reason, I appreciate Trump administrations’ decision about Elnigar Iltebir. 
Rabiya Kadir