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The video scene of transferred prisons shot at a train station west of Korla (Koerla) is another proofs of ongoing ethnical genocide

Wed, 10/02/2019 - 17:12 -- Kanat

The coincidentally revealed public video of prisoners being transferred into inner Chinese cities has increased my concerning about deteriorating situation, especially the fate of dispatched Uyghur in inner Chinese provinces.

Based on the letter on the clothes of the prisoners “Kashi prison” (喀什什拘留留所) and location of station as specialist confirmed, it is not difficult to ascertain that these prisoners are being transferred into inner Chinese provinces. The scene is very horrible. The more terrible is their unknown fate that they will face. In the same time of last year, some street news was prevailed on the society that some of the detainees and prisons were secretly transferred into inner Chinese provinces without informing their families or relatives.Soon after this news, Urumqi municipal railway administration office has publicly announced on it’s authorized website that the railway service from East Turkistan to inner Chinese provinces will be stopped for one month to public. This coincidence news has approved the reality of the street news.

In the beginning of this year , ZIMISTAN website has published a news that more than 500000 Uyghur prisons and detainees have already transferred into inner Chinese provinces and faced serious anti human treatment. This video has just approved this terrible information again. Here so I required all these human right organizations and leader, especially who still suspicious about the ethical genocide that happening in East Turkistan, please question about this video from China.

How many Uyghur prisons and detainees exactly have been transferred into inner Chinese provinces ? And what was the reason? What kind of prisons are they? Why they can’t be accommodated such huge territory that sixth of China? Why secretly transferred? And in which prisons are they now and what about their currant situation?

According to the information by ZIMISTAN website, every prisons are hold on a small special cell with 24hours handcuffs and ankle, definitely separated from outer world and not allowed to see any one. The guardian has right to shoot on site if they shows any sign of unsatisfactory.Meanwhile RFA also confirmed that there are Uyghur prisoners in Ningxiya,Gansu,Inner Mongul,Sichuan and Shandong provinces.

This video is another testimony of this secret transferring plan. I strongly believe that the horrible purpose of this secret transferring is to alienate these young man with the age of from 20 to 40 from their home land and keep it extremely unknown from their family and society in order to keep continue its ongoing holocaust confidentially.

Therefore I demand international society not only halting on the feeling of horror and sorrow but also question china about this issue.

As usual, no positive expectation to get true answers from China as they all along used to deceive the world by calling the concentration camps as vocational training center and no any detailed explanation about exact number of the incarcerated

people in these concentration camps. Never forget that they admitted exiting of the concentration camps under pressure of the international community after long time of rejecting in the beginning.

The acknowledgment of the problem is the first step to solve it.

In the end I strongly appreciated Australia’s foreign minister,Marise Payne, who responded to this horrible anti human treatment to inmates and severely exacerbating condition.


Rabiya Kadir

The Leader of the Uyghur National Movement