Rebiya Kadeer’s response to the Chinese diplomat Zhang Wei’s remarks on the “re-education” detention camps in the Uyghur region

Sat, 02/10/2018 - 13:23 -- Kanat

During a press conference earlier this week, China’s Consul General in Almaty denied the existence of “re-education” detention camps in Eastern Turkistan. Zhang Wei said China doesn’t have “such a concept” and reporters should direct their questions to CNN because it spread the news about the “r-education” camps.

Those who disclosed the issue and not those who created it should be responsible for answering questions, Zhang said. And that’s how things work in China. China’s extreme security measures and human rights abuses are causing even greater ethnic tensions. The Chinese Communist Party’s draconian policies are responsible for thousands of abuses every hour, every day.  But we have yet to see those responsible – the Chinese government and its agencies –held accountable. Instead, those who expose China’s abuses are imprisoned on charges of disclosing state secrets.

It’s ironic that Zhang spoke of honesty and objectivity at the press conference while he seemingly condemned the American news agency CNN for exposing Chinese state secrets by reporting on the “re-education” detention camps. Zhang denied numerous independent reports of the camps and instead told reporters they should cite Chinese media.

Instead of trying to address the flaws and corruption within its system, China has been increasingly seeking approval of its system while spreading its style of rule outside its borders. I call out in warning to all nations with Chinese consulates on their soil –beware of China’s efforts to erode your values.

I’m a human rights activist who has been raising awareness of the plight of the Uyghurs in those “re-education” detention camps that Zhang says don’t exist. I’m a mother with family –children, grandchildren, siblings and others—in those detention camps. I stand witness to the existence of those “re-education” detention camps that have been responsible for the suffering of hundreds of thousands of my people.

For more information about the “re-education” detention camps, I suggest that you read my recent appeal for closure of the camps.