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Rabiye Kadeer: I thank U.S Senate on behalf of 3 minion Uyghur detained in camps.

Thu, 09/12/2019 - 17:14 -- Kanat
I was thrilled and honored to see the pass of Uyghur Human Rights Bill in U.S Senate yesterday. I am feeling pride strongly to be mother and grandmother of 12 American citizens of this great nation where the lawmakers stood up and voted for the rights of an oppressed people who live thousands of miles far away from them.
This first steps to stop a covert genocide going on secretly and shut the concentration camps China set up in East Turkistan. At the same time, it is a very important move that can lead international opinion to a rights direction on Chinese human rights record and encouragement that inspire those countries who have been keeping silence on the issue due to fear of China’s pressure.
This move of Senate showed the true example of U.S leadership in defending and promoting American values in the international stage. I hope and believe the House would pass the bill soon and the U.S will enforce the law and play a leading role in realizing the peace and freedom in East Turkistan.
I thank Sen.Marco Rubio, Christ smith, and Menendez and others who made endless efforts to pass the bill on behalf of three million Uighurs who expect hope from only God and the outer world.
Rabiye Kadeer
The leader of the Uighur National Movement.