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I commend the Kuwait MPs for their standing up for justice

Sat, 12/28/2019 - 08:12 -- Kanat

I commend the Kuwait MPs for their standing up for justice
We Uyghurs abroad are indignant about China’s arbitrary detention of more than 3 million Uyghurs in concentration camps .but we did not surprise about it.Because we did know that China has long standing intention to wipe out us ,the Uighur nation who has the right over the East Turkistan.But we surprised when Muslim world kept silence over the most horrible human rights abuses of Muslims in the world .What most hurt us was public support of Majority Muslim countries of Chinese anti-Islam and anti-humane policies on international stages.
Personally, I have been able to overcome all of these atrocities just because of the strength that my faith into Allah has given.
As many others, I have also disappointed from the dishonesty and unstable positions of the Islamic societies on most fundamental issues of Muslim Umamh.
I was pleased to see Qatar has withdrawn its sign from the letter supports China at UN.
It was more encouraging news that Muhemmed Hayti and other 27 MPs of Kuwait called on their government and Muslim world to stand with justice.I believe all of the Uighur people around the world fell the same was as I did.I express profound gratitude to those MPs and many others who stood with us during the most dark times of our history.
These MPs has urged their government and Muslim nations to condemn the atrocities Uighur Muslims facing today and cancel some relative agreements with China.This is the justice and minimum requirements that can be expected from Muslim Ummah.
The execution of these requirements is very important in terms of humanity, fair politics and fundamental religious principles. For this reason,it might upset some interest groups in the world. For example, Chinese government and Chinese companies could take actions to deter these MPs.
As a Human Rights activist Who has spent half my life on fighting against tyranny, I hope the MPs have enough preparation for the potential threats and retaliation from Chinese authorities.
In the end, I commend the courage shown by the MPs and pray for them to continue to stand for justice.

Rebiya Kadeer
The leader of Uyghur National Movement