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I call world leaders to save the life Uighur academic face execution in China.

Thu, 09/12/2019 - 17:33 -- Kanat
by Rebiya Kadeer
It shocked me and other Uighur around the world that China is going to execute a Uighur academic who was sentenced to death with two-year suspension in 2017.
Professor Tashpolat Tiyip, the former president of Xinjiang University and professor of ecology devoted his life to conduct teaching and research on saving the ecology and environment of Tarim basin which surrounded by the second largest desert on the planet.
According to the Chinese government, his crimes were spreading the ideology of separation to young generations.
As we know ,any professor or government official with a high rank as Tashpolat tipi had no any chance to talk about sensitive topics in public since the CCP appoint only very loyal professionals to be the president of No 1 university in the region , not to mention any person can speak or do something the government banned knowingly face persecution.
We believe that this is a part of Chinese attack to entire Uighur people and Uighur identity. Professor and President Tashpolat Tiyip among thousands of Uighur intellectuals including Halmurat Ghopur, the former president of Xinjiang Medical University who was also sentenced to death with a two-year suspension were targeted because they are Uighur, They represent Uighur identity in high positions and they know what has CCP has done to Uighur people recently.
From all policies of CCP against Uighurs such as detaining more than 3 million Uighurs, we can see it clearly that the ultimate goal of China is to eliminate Uighur ethnic identity and assimilate them into Han Chinese. The influential people like Professor and President Tashpolat Tiyip became the prime target of the Chinese government.
There is no law or no principle that can justify the execution of a pure academic like professor Tashpolat and this is unacceptable.
We ask world leaders to stand up and try to do all measures to save the life of a professor and President Tashpolat Titip. Otherwise, the silence of the world gives China a message that it can do anything it wants to carry out its unprecedented genocide against innocent and voiceless Uighur people.