China Sentenced Uighur Religious Scholar to 17 Years in Prison

Thu, 02/22/2018 - 11:01 -- Kanat
Abduqadir Mehsum is speaking in CCTV by official appointment
Over the past few years in the ongoing crackdown policies, Chinese officials arrested and detained thousands of Uyghurs in East Turkestan. 
 Abduqadir Mehsum, one of the most prominent Uighur religious scholar, Imam and speaker of Kashgar Idkah mosque,  was removed from his post and sentenced to 24 years, in what his fellow Uyghurs believe is that latest example of China’s crackdown on “two-faced Uighurs” accused of insincerity in supporting government policies.
This  information was revealed by Abdurahman Hesen , a Uighur businessman fled Turkey, and declared that he would pay for bullets if the  Chinese government excuse his mother and wife, who are being tortured in political re-education camps, rather than treating them like slaves in the dark and dreadful custody, to International Uyghur Human Rights and Democracy Foundation.
Abduqadir, 56, who had once been used as a role model of the patriotic religious campaign in the region and was introduced in the international English Channel by Chinese State-run propaganda machine CCTV. According to Abdurahman, Mr. Abdudaqdir had served as the lecturer for more than 10 years in Xinjiang Islam College, the only one Islamic school exists in the region, established by the Chinese government to train politically loyal and patriotic religious leaders and scholars.He has also been appointed by government to take part in second  translating of Quran in to Uighur language.
later he was appointed by the regional religious and ethnic affairs committee and United Front department as the Imam and speaker of Kashgar Idkah mosque and worked until June 2017.
He was arrested in June 2017 and sentenced to 17 years in July within a week.The police accused him of being tow faced religious figure.
“it’s incredible to imprison such a kind-hearted, knowledgeable, humanitarian person who has never spoken about politics or government but always abide by the law in order to secure his post to serve his community as a religious scholar and social leader. He is not only a religious scholar but also well known public intellectual, his only crime is being Uighur. The party secretary Chen Quan Guo is the chief planner of  all kinds oppression against Uighur religious scholars, public intellectuals, and wealthy people. The brutal leader arrested and imprisoned all  Uighurs with high social profile and influence. We had a long the list of famous and influential  people who are detained by government ,“said Abdurahman.
This is another case of Chinese crackdown against prominent Uighur religious scholars after Muhammed Salih, the former president of Xinjiang Islamic College and translator of Quran into Modern Uighur language, who was reported dead, 40 days after imprisonment in Re-education camp.
Written by Uighurian, volunteer of International Uyghur Human Rights and Democracy Foundation